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Jan 24, 2013 6:00pm PST
into the chat room. google hosting a hangout on gun control featuring vice president joe biden. >> to end gun violence, once and for all. >> with gun control on the mind of the country -- >> the single best thing we can do is have a national dialogue about this. >> vice president joe biden brought the issue into the chat room. taking part in a google plus hangout to let people know they have a say in where gun control goes from here. >> make your voices heard. that's one of the reasons i wanted to be in this chat. there's tens of thousands of people listening to this. i don't care which side of the issue you're on. pick those things that you think can have a positive impact. >> the vice president isn't just talking about guns. he's a gun owner. something he says is foreign the dialogue. >> it is totally a guarantee not negotiable that i'm able to own a weapon. >> also important, taking questions live from parents and educators. >> are you proposing sending more armed guards into schools or having schools hire more mental health professionals? >> we are able to go in and with this proposal and
Jan 22, 2013 6:00pm PST
today with aides to vice president joe biden. biden is examining mental health in the context of gun control. california's mental health law approved eight years ago by voters raises $1 billion a year through special tax on millionaires. steinberg wants the feds to launch similar programs in all states. >>> lawmakers introduced a bill to improve access to a procedure in california. members of the state's women's health alliance gathered to support the proposal. it would improve a woman's access to abortion clinics by authorizing trained nurse practitioners, certified nurse mid wives and physicians' assistants to give all women better access to safe, medical care. >> it's not going to change people's behavior whether they get pregnant or not. women don't get pregnant to have an abortion. that's a myth our opponents like to perpetuate. >> the fundamental right to make their own -- >> supporters say they're confident the bill will pass this year. >>> it appears benjamin netanyahu is on course for a third term as prime minister. cheers erupted from the crowds in israel as he came out on
Jan 26, 2013 6:00pm PST
but the citizens. >> vice president biden is spearheading a public push for new gun legislation that would strengthen background checks, limit high-capacity magazines, and get assault weapons off the streets. the national rifle association has said it will fight those proposals, insisting that gun bans make no one safer. the senate is scheduled to begin hearings on the gun control debate this coming wednesday. >>> two people were rescued from the chilly waters of the bay this afternoon after a tugboat crashed into their sailboat and sank it. the crash happened around 3:00 near the golden gate bridge. three people were on the sailboat and pulled to safety. one by the coast guard and one by the crew of a san francisco boat. one had to be treated for hypothermia. no word on the cause of the crash yet. >>> the chp says a 17-year-old was killed and several others hurt when an suv they were chasing crashed overnight. it crashed near sequoia country club south of keller avenue. the chase started around 2:00 this morning when the chp reportedly tried to pull over the stolen suv. the "mercury news"
Jan 20, 2013 6:00pm PST
flub in 2009. >> thank you, everybody. >> reporter: vice president biden was sworn in by justice sonia sotomayor. tomorrow's ceremonial swearing in is at the capitol. stand-ins helping set camera angles today. pennsylvania avenue is set for the inaugural parade, delayed like the capitol ceremony because they're never held on a sunday. police from around the nation will bolster security, grass protectors are down on the mall. the weather's mild. 800,000 people expected tomorrow. some saw the president today. when the obamas attended church. >> he started leaning over to us and we saw him. we were so excited to see him. >> reporter: the commander in chief laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns, a reminder of his burden, and of our two centuries of democracy. the inauguration is not just an obama party. >> whether you agree with the president or not, we have freedom to be a part of it. >> reporter: and the celebration of america is on. again, it was mild here. but it won't be mild tomorrow. once again, washington will be in a freeze for inauguration day. dawn here tomorrow, diane, mayb
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4